Jacob’s Well

If you know anything about Texas, you understand how hot it can be a during the summer. Spending time in Texas in the heat leaves you seeking a place to cool off. One of those places many choose is Jacob’s Well. It’s a place that comes with some dangers, too, though, so beware.

Jacob’s Well isn’t a far drive from Lago Vista. It’s water comes from the Trinity Aquifer. For hundreds of years, the cool water from the well has brought in visitors and locals. It is a great place for those who are adventurous, too. This post is brought to you by our friend who is a plumber in Smyrna. Many divers enjoy maneuvering through the underwater caves and exploring the environment. Problem is, it can be a dangerous place to explore.

While enjoying Jacob’s Well, there have been at least eight people died. This has made this popular area come to be known as one of the most dangerous diving spots in the world. In 1979, two men from Texas got caught in one of the caves of the well and drowned. The remains of one of the divers emerged in 1981, while the other diver wasn’t recovered until 2000.

The danger of this beautiful place is often overlooked because of its beauty. Even the top side of Jacob’s Well can be dangerous, though. The opening is only about 13 feet wide, and many adventurous people will climb up the rocks over the opening and jump into Jacobs Well.

If you are in the area own one of the hot days of Texas, you may be tempted to find relief from the heat at Jacobs Well. Just remember the dangers and keep your senses about yourself if you decide to enjoy this spot. If you decide to visit Jacob’s Well, be prepared to make reservations first. You’ll be given a two hour time slot to enjoy the area.